Indian Art

Vidya Dehejia who has published two important books, Early Buddhist Rock Temples (1972) and Early Stone Temples of Orissa 91978), is a dedicated scholar of Indian art. But in the present publication she steps down from the high pedestal of specialized scholarship to perform what is a very important task, that of interesting the man in the street in our great heritage.

Games Nations Play

We do not lack books on the history of Indian diplomacy or those dealing with India’s relations with specific countries and regions. There has also been a steadily broadening stream of books that narrate the professional experiences of those who have been in the business of dealing with foreign governments, though there is a general conviction that enough has not been brought out into the open about the past and that a good deal of important happenings behind the scene has been lost beyond retrieval because of the passing away of major participants who chose not to tell all.

Evolving Nature of Capitalism

For true followers of discourses on economics this book leaves you wanting more. This is not a light read, but if one is willing to put in the effort, very engaging. This book is a critique of the traditional or mainstream methods of evaluating attributes in economics and about deciphering the relationship between concentration, distribution in the presence of debt, wealth, and financialization. This book is also about the economy of the United States of America written by an Indian.