From Advaita To Atom

The publication of the set of papers presented at the International Society for Metaphysics at Vishwa Bharati in 1976 should be welcome to all students of philosophy and perhaps more so to those who have no specialization in the subject. As one belonging to the second category but deeply interested in the implications of the discovery of science on philosophy have been greatly stimu­lated by these sets of essays which cover a wide range of subjects.

A Brief History

A Brief History

S.S. Bhattacharya

By Ram Rahul
Vikas, New Delhi, 1978, pp. 154, Rs. 36.00

VOLUME III NUMBER 5 March/April 1979

The title of this book is something of a misnomer. After India and China clashed in 1962 to establish their respec­tive claims over their frontiers in the Himalayas interested scholars in their quest to find out the truth about the different claims started vigorous research to trace out the history of the Sino-­Indian frontier in the Himalayan region at least since the Simla Conference of 1914 when the boundary between Tibet and North East India was settled.

Bureaucrat’s Play

The world over, the bureaucracy is fair game for anyone who wants to have a go at it. Very few institutions have been as reviled, jeered at and abused as continu­ously as the bureaucracy. Not that it is entirely unwarranted, as anyone who has had to go to a Government office and deal with forms or permits knows. And because most people cannot avoid the bureaucracy, a book which rails at it will always be read with interest.